Did You Know?

Developed by The Hoffman Company, our emphasis is on creating a dynamic core of evening and daytime active uses.

Site History

The Hoffman Company was founded in the 1950s by Hubert N. Hoffman and it remains a family-owned business today. Mr. Hoffman had the vision and foresight to see the potential of the Eisenhower Valley at a time when both the greater Washington region and the City of Alexandria were only beginning to shed their sleepy Southern town roots.

Today-in part because of Mr. Hoffman's leadership and that of others who appreciated his vision-the Eisenhower Valley is home to 400+ large, medium-sized and small public and private organizations employing 25,000 people. It includes such employers as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Whole Foods, the Society for Human Resource Management, Merrill Lynch, Florida Tech and Symantec, Inc., to name just a few. The Eisenhower corridor also includes a range of city services, entertainment venues, retailers, professional service companies, restaurants and recreational facilities. Many of these organizations are physically located at or within close proximity to Hoffman Town Center.

The proportion of residents living in the Valley continues to grow. According to the Eisenhower Public-Private Partnership, more than 5,000 people reside in the corridor today, a number that is expected to double by 2010 in part due to the addition of residential units at Hoffman Town Center. Many of today's Eisenhower Valley residents, as well as others from throughout the burgeoning Washington region, frequent the shops, restaurants and entertainment at Hoffman Town Center.

We at the Hoffman Company are proud to be a part of a long, ongoing tradition of success in the Eisenhower Valley.