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Block 2

Block 2 Block 2 is prominently located at the western gateway to Hoffman Town Center at the intersection of Eisenhower Boulevard and Stovall Street. The site faces West Side Gardens Park which is to be one of the Town Center’s major public open spaces. The site is approved for 350,000 square feet of office uses in two towers, with one tower at eight stories and the second comprised of 14 stories.

Parking for 1,058 spaces is provided in an above-ground parking garage. This site has been designated as one of the sites most suited for government users and includes provisions for compliance with federal security requirements.

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Block 2
Diagrammatic Roof Plan
West Side Gardens
West Side Gardens
Image from Model 1
Image from Model 2
Image from Model 3
Block2 aerial callout
Block 2 Aerial Callout