Community Features/Amenities

 Hoffman Town Center is a new urban development that is as much about the pedestrian experience and the streetscape as it is about architecture and building density. The town center was designed to create a balance of uses that stimulate a safe and active environment for all tenants and visitors.

Hoffman Town Center will feature four significant open spaces or parks of approximately 125,000 square feet in all that will be sprinkled throughout the town center and complement the surrounding structures. Multi-purpose trails, active recreation and passive, natural areas will be reflected in the thoughtful design of these spaces.

Concern for the pedestrian orientation permeates Hoffman Town Center. A clearly defined street grid encourages pedestrian activity and to minimize both the impact and congestion of traffic, both internally and externally. Easy access to public transportation will also facilitate the flow of traffic on both sidewalks and on the town center's streets. All in all, Hoffman Town Center represents an excellent example of the quality that can result when streets, open spaces and public spaces are meaningfully interconnected.

Additional community amenities will include a sophisticated mix of retail shops, restaurants and entertainment uses —more than 350,000 square feet—that will serve the needs of office workers and residents alike. These new offerings will complement the present mix of similar uses located at the Hoffman property today.